Our Services - Commercial Property Matters (CPM)

Tenant Advisory & Lease Renewals

Aim: Facilitate an environment and outcome to the mutual benefit of all parties concerned:

Undertaking a spatial review to determine a ‘stay’ or ‘go’ strategy. This needs analysis is imperative to the rest of the process.

Establish a timeline which will inevitably involve the following stages:

  • Stage 1- Needs analysis and estimated timeline
    – Initial sample inspections
  • Stage 2- Refine property spatial needs
    – New search with preferred brief to open market
    – Qualitative & quantitative analysis of preferred options
  • Stage 3- Commence negations of preferred options
    – Sign Heads of Agreement & instruct solicitors
  • Stage 4– fitout analysis and budget
    – Review and factor current lease obligations (Make good)
    – Sign lease & commence fitout
    – relocate and make good

The stage process for a ‘stay put’ is slightly varied as certain elements are not applicable e.g. make good. The main focus of this process is to apply a timeframe, which often gets overlooked. The property search and analysis is not a one dimensional transaction it involves; property, legal, human resources, construction and management.

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