Who is Commercial Property Matters Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia

  • Commercial Property Matters (CPM) is a boutique property services provider which facilitates & coordinates all matters property.
  • Our core service lines are; Sales & Leasing Strategies, Property Management, Tenant Advisory & Lease Renewals, Property Consultancy and Value Add.
  • We focus on major office markets, Sydney and metro markets. Inter-state projects are jointly coordinated with local support service networks.
  • We pride ourselves in providing a cost effective solution to clients property needs. We provide an unbiased and independent view to best maximise returns.
  • Our aim is to provide property services to clients that become stakeholders in our business. CPM has numerous affiliations and network to provide an immediate and active involvement to understand the needs and activate property solutions.

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Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in AustraliaSales and Leasing Strategies

Aim: To ensure the subject property is seen in its best possible light for it’s target audience. First impressions always count when marketing a property for sale or lease.

  • Assist in the development of refurbishment / upgrade scope of works to prepare the asset for marketing.
  • Identify marketing collateral to best suit the property. Identify people of influence within the leasing / sales processes. This target audience will be imperative to any successful marketing campaign.
  • Determine a brand position or message to provide the market place. Then select and facilitate the best mode to advertise the property, ie, Internet Campaign versus brochure, Expression of interest versus auction.
  • Provide a spirit of inclusion for other industry colleagues to participate within the sales and leasing process.
  • Determine a marketing budget and allocate the costs to the best value-for-money marketing mediums.
Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia

Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia– Property Management

Aim: To maximize the value of the property by providing an interactive approach to all aspects of property management by:

  • Define a scope of service to suit the property and client budget; rent collection, rent reviews, lease management, financial reporting, building compliance and OH&S, building supervision, tenant liaison.
  • Provide regular reporting (minimum monthly). Protect your property returns by ensuring market rental rates, tenant retention policies and outgoings reviews / reconciliations are fascinated.
  • Ensure a platform of communication between tenants, property managers and owners. Tenants in a way are clients and therefore should be treated accordingly.
Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia

Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia– Tenant Advisory & Lease Renewals

Aim: facilitate an environment and outcome to the mutual benefit of all parties concerned:

Undertaking a spatial review to determine a ‘stay’ or ‘go’ strategy. This needs analysis is imperative to the rest of the process.

Establish a timeline which will inevitably involve the following stages:

  • Stage 1 - Needs analysis and estimated timeline
    - Initial sample inspections
  • Stage 2 - Refine property spatial needs
    - New search with preferred brief to open market
    - Qualitative & quantitative analysis of preferred options
  • Stage 3 - Commence negations of preferred options
    - Sign Heads of Agreement & instruct solicitors
  • Stage 4 - fitout analysis and budget
    - Review and factor current lease obligations (Make good)
    - Sign lease & commence fitout
    - relocate and make good

The stage process for a ‘stay put’ is slightly varied as certain elements are not applicable e.g. make good. The main focus of this process is to apply a timeframe, which often gets overlooked. The property search and analysis is not a one dimensional transaction it involves; property, legal, human resources, construction and management.


Commercial Real Estate & Property For Sale in Australia– Property Consultancy and Value Add

Aim: assist property owners realise their assets full value potential:

  • Organise property valuations and ancillary services
  • Facilitate funding models for owners wanting to share in their property upside via, special purpose vehicles, joint ventures or partnerships
  • Facilitate and coordinate building upgrades to preserve/ capture rental growth and property market values

Who have we done work for & have access to major property institutions, governments bodies, major tenants to mum and dad investors.

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