Our Services - Commercial Property Matters (CPM)

Sales & Leasing Strategies

Aim: To ensure the subject property is seen in its best possible light for it’s target audience. First impressions always count when marketing a property for sale or lease.

  • Assist in the development of refurbishment / upgrade scope of works to prepare the asset for marketing.
  • Identify marketing collateral to best suit the property. Identify people of influence within the leasing / sales processes. This target audience will be imperative to any successful marketing campaign.
  • Determine a brand position or message to provide the market place. Then select and facilitate the best mode to advertise the property, ie, Internet Campaign versus brochure, Expression of interest versus auction.
  • Provide a spirit of inclusion for other industry colleagues to participate within the sales and leasing process.
  • Determine a marketing budget and allocate the costs to the best value-for-money marketing mediums.
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